Creating Complex Task Flow in ADF – Part 1

In this blog we will use advanced features of ADF task flow. Such as Train flows, Regions, Task Flow Parameters, Managing Transaction and Reentry.

The Train component represents a series of stops. Each train stop represents a page fragment in a flow. Which helps the user to walk through these stops one at a time and take a sequential path to complete.

I have developed this sample application –

in ADF (

We need to create Bounded task flow Register_task-flow-definition.xml, where the end user can enter and review information to complete the Registration task.


The train stops are:

  • Personal
  • Job
  • Review

After creating the task flow, add activities to it, and configure control flow between the activities. and add Return activities to call Commit or Rollback transaction and go to the calling page.bTo display name in a train stop: In the task flow’s structure window, Insert Inside train-stop > Display Name and enter  the value in the property inspector.

There is a little trick when you are creating a Train flow based on same entity you need to skip validations on the page definition: SkipValidation=”true”.


At Run time, User click the Register button to start registration of new Employee.

The current train stop is the first train stop:


User navigate to the second train stop:


User navigate to the third train stop:


User click Finish to save new employee and go back to main page.