ADF 12c Workshop – HR Example

This blog is an Oracle ADF 12c Workshop, based on HR task, contain Technical information, tips and tricks of ADF development. I’d like to share it with you.

Workshop Overview

  • ADF Business Components generation
  • Add Calculated attributes to View object
  • Adding LOVs
  • Create New record before page load
  • Creating ADF Page Layout
  • Using Managed Beans
  • Add new record using ADF Bounded Taskflow
  • Search Functionality.
  • Sorting Data Dynamically (Run time)
  • Add Images to Application
  • Validation

I have developed this completed application

in ADF (

The Page Example:


This view after page has been completed.


Search with LOVs


Snapshot of codes


I hope that this blog could help developers to build a better application based on ADF. If you have any questions i will be happy to answer you.